Erin O'Meara Pettis

About Me

     I still vividly recall my first yoga class; I was eleven-years-old. That single class ignited my life-long exploration of methods of achieving optimal health and wellness. A fundamental practice for my personal wellbeing is meditation, which I first discovered when I worked at Dr. Andrew Weil's Center for Integrative Medicine as an undergraduate student.

     I am trained and practice several methods of meditation, including both secular and those with a foundation in Dharma. I offer compassion-based, non-dogmatic guided practices of observing and transforming the mind.

     I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and a focus on Nutrigenomics,  I've integrated my expertise as a nutrition educator by teaching Pediatricians and parents how to nourish children with whole foods. I've also established several flourishing neighborhood and school gardens. I treasure the community-building and appreciation of fresh, homegrown organic produce that have emerged from these gardens.

     In 2015, I co-founded the Dipamkara Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports more than one hundred female meditators in the Himalayas. Providing assistance to these humble, warmhearted women has been a true gift for me.     (

    I am a KRI-certified teacher and Level 2 teacher trainee of Kundalini Yoga. I teach in Fort Collins, Colorado and through customized online programs. Kundalini is an incredible yoga practice which includes breath-training and meditation, in addition to physical exercise.

     I implement four pillars of optimal well-being in my practice: calming and revitalizing breath, the meditative mind, physical vitality, and sensuality. I offer these techniques to you as they are highly effective for establishing mental tranquility and enhancing compassion and joy. My goal is to elevate my students by inspiring them to discover beauty and bliss in their lives.